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In the following article, I will share with you my own experience with illness and healing, and how I came to discover the three pillars of healing, which have become my guide in this ongoing journey of learning.

The three pillars of healing

Throughout the various articles I’ve penned on this platform, I’ve shared my personal journey that began at the age of 43. It was during this time that a sequence of symptoms unveiled themselves, leading me to the discovery of a series of autoimmune diseases quietly incubating within me. Within a matter of months, my once almost perfect life transformed into a nightmarish ordeal lasting for years.

Now, approximately 7 years later, my health has largely been restored, and most of the discomforting symptoms have dissipated. Only a few lingering signs persist, mainly due to my inability to fully concentrate on resolving them. Today, however, I am confident in my ability to heal myself and overcome any obstacle. Nevertheless, the road to recovery was far from easy; it demanded a battle against my own fears and the challenge of taking control of my own well-being. We’ve grown accustomed to the convenience of popping a pill to alleviate any discomfort, hardly pausing to consider dedicating more time and effort towards healing our bodies amidst the relentless demands of life. Our obligations and responsibilities never cease, requiring us to work tirelessly to secure resources for our homes. But who will provide for our loved ones if we’re not here?

When you reach that critical juncture, where normalcy eludes you despite a pill-a-day regimen or even twenty, and conventional medicine offers no further solutions, you find yourself questioning if this is truly “Game Over.” At such a point, you’re faced with two choices: to surrender and prepare for the worst, or to bravely take charge and commit to the path of healing.

Embrace the power of healing by making the decision to heal!

Once we make the brave decision to fight for our lives and embark on the path of healing, we encounter a complex scenario. On one hand, conventional medicine may no longer offer a simple pill or surgery as a solution, leaving us uncertain about the way forward. On the other hand, delving into the vast sea of information on the internet can lead to overwhelming contradictions, trapping us in a bewildering loop.

Many, including myself, turn to complementary therapies like Reiki, healing with light beings, herbal remedies, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, meditation, hot stones, Ayurveda, and even unconventional treatments like armadillo urine injections (just kidding). While some of these therapies may hold potential for healing, my personal experience has taught me that none of them truly work if we continue to relinquish responsibility for our own healing. The key lies within ourselves; we are the ones who are sick, and it is our lives that we must reclaim. Passing this responsibility to others, be it through therapy or medicine, won’t lead to lasting healing.

After years of tireless research, reading, and introspection, I have come to the profound realization that true healing requires a focused approach built on three fundamental mayor areas. Each of these “Three Pillars of Healing” demand dedicated internal work, and I emphasize that seeking assistance is perfectly acceptable if you find yourself lacking the courage, energy, willpower, or ability to undertake this journey alone. Turn to your closest loved ones for support, or consider seeking guidance from a skilled integrative health professional.

Now, let’s delve into these three pillars of healing and explore how they pave the way to genuine healing.

The three pillars of healing

I. Awareness


After enduring my own trials and challenges, I arrived at a profound realization: the first step towards healing is granting yourself a moment of reflection. Sit down, take a pause, and even if it feels somewhat whimsical, ask yourself, “Why am I living this life? What does it signify, and why me?” During this moment of introspection, you can choose to delve into the inner work on your own or seek guidance from a compassionate therapist or life coach. The objective is to analyze your life, identify what feels awry, and recognize the point at which you lost control of your well-being, succumbing to the monotony of existence.

Ask yourself: Are you genuinely happy? Does your current life align with your aspirations? Are you on the path towards fulfilling your dreams, surrounded by an environment that nurtures your highest and deepest goals?

You might dismiss these questions as unrealistic, assuming that not everyone has the luxury to pursue their dreams. Obligations to support family, maintain a particular status, or uphold a certain lifestyle might seem to outweigh personal fulfillment. However, none of these external aspects matter if you’re left without a life worth living.

In my own experience, I came to realize that each one of us has a purpose, regardless of its complexity. It could be as simple as cherishing a harmonious family life and a fulfilling job or as grand as becoming a renowned scientist or a Hollywood star. The crucial point is to acknowledge that you do have a purpose, and every event in your life is guiding you towards fulfilling that purpose. This realization might come easily or prove challenging, contingent upon your beliefs. Nonetheless, when you analyze the sequence of events that brought you to this moment, you’ll recognize where you deviated from your true path.

Illness, accidents, the departure of loved ones, job layoffs, or the need to migrate – these are all harsh signals urging you to realign yourself, indicating that you have slightly strayed from your course and offering a chance to get back on track. Yet, it becomes complicated when you’re genuinely unsure of your destination or purpose. I faced this dilemma, until, by divine grace, I stumbled upon a remarkable book called “The Element” by Ken Robinson. This eye-opening read prompted me to revisit my childhood and recall the activities that once filled me with joy, as they held clues to my true purpose, my “element”.

Discovering your purpose is an intensely personal journey, which is why I strongly advocate seeking support from a qualified therapist or coach. Becoming conscious of our lives and true purposes empowers us to comprehend the reasons behind life’s happenings and the changes we need to enact. Take charge of your life, do the necessary soul-searching, and even if the process is arduous and gradual, make the essential adjustments to reclaim your path. Your body implores it, and time is of the essence – you’ve already received two or three warnings; this is your final call, seize the opportunity now or risk never finding it again.

II. Food

“Let thy medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine.”

Image of Food

You’re already conscious of your life and the reasons behind these health challenges. You’ve made the crucial decision to embark on a healing journey, but what’s the next step? Regardless of the specific disease affecting you, the key factor in illness is the body losing its balance (homeostasis). Whether it’s a tissue, an organ, or a process within one of your body systems, something has gone awry. Perhaps you’ve already undergone numerous medical consultations and tests, leading to a diagnosis. Yet, no matter what that diagnosis may be, the utmost priority is to focus on restoring your body’s equilibrium.

Modern science is increasingly validating the wisdom of Hippocrates, underscoring the profound impact of our dietary choices on our well-being. Although I won’t delve into the details here, I’ve dedicated a separate post to this topic, which you can explore through this link. The crux of the matter lies in understanding that everything we ingest can either benefit us, harm us, or even be highly detrimental. Unfortunately, the typical Western diet often leans toward the latter. Our modern world inundates us with food filled with toxins, silently and steadily poisoning our bodies.

Learning how to nourish our bodies correctly is the second of the three pillars of healing and it assumes a critical role in any healing process. Just as a diabetic must avoid sugar and a celiac must steer clear of gluten, knowing what is suitable for our individual conditions is vital, irrespective of our specific ailment. By becoming attuned to our body’s signals each time we consume something, we can discard any items that disrupt digestion and upset balance.

The root cause of many chronic diseases we face today lies in “inflammation.” Controlling inflammation within our bodies is pivotal in enhancing any healing journey. While multiple factors can contribute to inflammation, food stands out as one of the most significant, and fortunately, it’s also one of the most manageable aspects to control. As individuals, we are unique, with distinct genes and environmental circumstances. Hence, what might be beneficial for one person could be highly inflammatory for another.

Consider the enzyme “CYP1A2” as an example, produced by the liver to break down caffeine, among other substances. Some individuals, like me, produce an abundance of this enzyme, enabling us to consume multiple cups of coffee daily with no adverse effects. However, a friend of mine can barely handle a single sip of coffee without falling ill, experiencing sleeplessness and trembling throughout the day. The same principle applies to all foods – each person’s reaction varies. People who lack sufficient enzymes, bile, gastric acid, or have issues with their intestinal flora or barrier, or an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in the gut, often experience inflammation and pain when consuming certain foods.

In today’s understanding, several foods have emerged as highly allergenic and inflammatory for many individuals. Among the most common culprits are; dairy, soy, gluten, and sugar, and a myriad of other unsuspecting foods like seafood, nuts, eggs, and beyond. Our bodies, being unique and complex, react differently to these dietary elements, making it crucial to be attuned to our body’s responses and avoid consuming foods that trigger inflammation. Prolonged and chronic inflammation can lead us down the path of illness and disease.

Why persist with legumes if they consistently leave you feeling bloated? While they may be delicious, if they bring discomfort, it’s wise to remove them from your diet, at least while you address your health concerns. Personally, I had to eliminate many foods for an extended period. After successfully cutting out gluten, dairy, and sugar, I embarked on an “Elimination diet” to identify other potential sources of discomfort, and to my surprise, I uncovered more than a few.

Nourishing our bodies with wholesome, nutritionally dense foods plays a pivotal role in the healing process. If you lack knowledge about nutrition, seeking advice from a nutritionist or consulting informative books can be immensely helpful, as there is a wealth of literature available. I recommend steering clear of extremes and not rigidly following any particular author; instead, focus on attuning yourself to what your body craves and how it reacts to each food. Our bodies are wise, having evolved over thousands of years, and possess an inherent knowledge of what they require and what they reject. When something disagrees with your body, it will undoubtedly communicate its displeasure.

By becoming mindful of the foods we consume and listening to our bodies’ cues, we empower ourselves to make informed dietary choices that aid our healing journey and support overall well-being.

I highly recommend this book as it played a crucial role in helping me improve my eating habits.

III. Connection


By now, you’ve cultivated an awareness of your situation and embraced a healthy lifestyle where food serves as your medicine. Now, it’s time to take the next step. The third of the three pillars of healing is to “Connect” But what does this mean? We must recognize that we are not isolated beings; we exist within a complex web of society, family, our place on this planet, within a solar system, and an infinite universe.

Healing isn’t dependent solely on one or two factors; instead, it’s an intricate interplay of countless connections, akin to a vast matrix. If you recall the movie “The Matrix,” you might envision the protagonist perceiving everything as green lines of binary code, interconnecting all aspects of existence. In truth, our reality holds similar characteristics. We reside in an energetic environment where everything directly or indirectly affects us. Even the negative thoughts of those around us can impact our well-being and health. If you’ve ever experienced discomfort or a stomach ache due to a loved one’s explosive temperament, you understand the profound influence of such connections.

Toxic relationships have the power to make us unwell. Whether it’s residing in a home plagued with moisture leaks and mold or facing noise disturbances from neighbors in an apartment, external factors can introduce toxins into our lives. City pollution, contaminated water, national crises, and economic instability – all these elements leave their mark on our state of health. We are beings intricately connected to planet Earth, composed of the same elements as the plants, minerals, and animals that cohabit with us. We consume the water, air, and nourishment of this Earth, living in a symbiotic cycle that offers everything necessary for our well-being. When animals are unwell, they instinctively seek out the plants and herbs they need to heal, tapping into their innate wisdom encoded in their DNA. Humans possess this wisdom too, but it may have become obscured or forgotten over time (or intentionally suppressed, some believe).

Connecting with our environment becomes crucial: Are we in a supportive and nurturing environment? Do we have a loving partner, family, and a circle of friends with whom we cherish our free time? Are we immersed in nature’s beauty, basking in the sun and engaging in enough physical exercise? Do we maintain a fulfilling and healthy sex life, while ensuring we drink enough clean water daily?

Awareness of our environment and our relationship with it holds paramount significance. By exploring these connections, we can uncover hidden factors that may be affecting our equilibrium and, ultimately, our health.

Connection with the higher.

Now, let’s venture into a slightly more personal and holistic realm. Whether or not you choose to embrace this information is entirely up to you; I find it pivotal to discuss because it has been a profound aspect of my journey.

Within our vast, energy-filled universe, where infinite vibrations resonate, I find myself envisioning those lines in “The Matrix” expanding to encompass the entire cosmos. Life’s purpose, in my belief, arises not from nothingness but from a higher being or a higher frequency of existence. It emerges from connections to multiple levels of consciousness, whether you name it God, cosmic consciousness, higher self, soul, or spirit. Your interpretation may be shaped by your level of acceptance of these beliefs, rooted in personal experiences or your affiliation with a religion or spiritual movement. I do not seek to indoctrinate any particular belief but rather encourage acknowledgment of something beyond the scope of our sight and senses.

If you share in these beliefs and perceive life to transcend this human experience, wouldn’t it be significant to connect with the source of our existence? I firmly believe so, and there exist various methods to achieve this connection. You might do so through your faith in a religion, embracing the idea that everything that befalls you is part of the divine plan for your ultimate good. Alternatively, simply close your eyes, focus on your breath, your heartbeat, and allow the energy lines enveloping all things to merge with your own energy, immersing yourself in the cosmic consciousness.

Admittedly, these practices may require time and dedication, yet as you delve into them and unite with the cosmos, a profound awareness of your identity and purpose emerges. You’ll begin to grasp the reasons behind your existence and the significance of your life experiences.

As mentioned before, this might be the most challenging aspect, but if any of the concepts discussed in this article resonate with you, there’s nothing to lose in giving this final step a try. Remember, “Connect” represents the third of the three pillars of healing, and it demands a profound examination of endless interconnections. Your task is to scrutinize each one and discern which are nurturing and which need refinement. I recommend crafting a list, which you can continually update as you discover new interconnections. Take the time to analyze each entry, assessing how it influences your life and how you might enhance it. You’ll be amazed by how these factors can significantly impact the proper healing of your body and, perhaps, even your spirit.

Why Feel Better Lab.?

Several years ago, my journey through these three pillars of healing and all its processes began, and it continues to this day. It’s been a profound learning experience, filled with twists and turns. Along this path, I had a pivotal realization: what truly resonates with me and brings joy is sharing these experiences with others who, like me back then, are navigating the complexities of illness and healing, seeking answers. This revelation inspired me to create a healthy food workshop. Although it didn’t unfold as I had hoped, it taught me invaluable lessons.

Now, I find myself at another turning point, and this time, I believe that simply sharing information might be the right approach. I named it “Lab” because it represents a real-life laboratory where we experiment and learn what works for each of us. Some methods prove effective, integrating seamlessly into our lives, while others may not yield the desired results. Yet, we persist in testing various approaches to healing, eagerly sharing our findings with anyone interested in this transformative knowledge. Together, we embark on a journey of experimentation, striving to improve our well-being, reclaim our health, and rediscover our path in this existence.

With great love and gratitude to all the sources of information and wisdom
that have allowed me to reach this knowledge and share this information!

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