¿Want to Feel Better?

Healing from within!.

Improve your health and

well-being naturally

in three simple steps.

Healing from within!.

Improve your health and

well-being naturally

in three simple steps.


The first pillar of the healing process is to be aware of what is happening to us. Everything that happens to us is not just ramdom.

Healthy Food

Once we are aware, we must pay attention to our body and learn to give it only the good things it needs.


The third pillar is connecting with our essence and surroundings, as intertwined beings, and acknowledging how profoundly our environment affects us.

Health and Healing

Image of a woman in the center, illustration of her intestines and the intestinal microbiota. Health and healing from the inside out.

Healing from within

Why do we need fermented foods and probiotics to heal our gut microbiota and our health?

Image of a ladder rising from darkness to light. Health and healing from the inside out.

My 10 steps to lower inflamation

What were the key 10 steps I implemented to combat inflammation, alleviate my symptoms, and reclaim optimal health?

Beautiful illustration of a plate with bone broth. Health and healing form inside out.

Bone Broth

This is the bone broth recipe that I took daily for a year to heal my gut lining. years have passed and I still prepare it.

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New Article

If you’re currently experiencing stress, discomfort, or struggling to get a good night’s sleep, I encourage you to explore this article delving into the incredible advantages of Lemon Balm and how it can offer valuable assistance during tough times.

Winter Recipes

Click on the image to go to the recipe.

Image of a white plate full of Chilean sopaipillas, gluten-free and vegan. Health and healing from the inside out.

Gluten-free Sopaipillas

Introducing the delectable second edition of my gluten-free and vegan Sopaipillas. Prepare to savor their exceptional flavor, rivaling that of their traditional counterparts. These delightful treats leave nothing to be desired.

Illustration of an anti-inflammatory tea prepared with turmeric, ginger, cloves, bee honey, and lemon juice to alleviate inflammation and strengthen the immune system. Health and healing from the inside out.

Anti-inflammatory Tea

Exquisite anti-inflammatory tea infused with a harmonious blend of turmeric, ginger, cloves, honey, and a dash of invigorating lemon juice. This remarkable elixir helps alleviate inflammation while bolstering your immune system.

Beautiful illustration of gluten-free vegan orange cake. Health and healing form inside out.

Gluten-free vegan Sponge Cake

Scrumptious vegan gluten-free sponge cake recipe, offering the option to infuse it with the zesty essence of lemon or the vibrant citrusy of oranges. This delectable treat is perfect for accompanying a cozy cup of tea or coffee during those chilly winter evenings.

Our Workshops

Soon we will have our traditional workshops available on VOD so you can take them at your own pace.

Image of a Kombucha jar with its scoby, and a glass of refreshing Kombucha. Half a lemon between them. Health and healing from the inside out.

Gluten free Sourdough

Learn the techniques to prepare the best gluten-free and vegan artisan sourdough bread at home.

Beautiful photograph of a gluten-free sourdough loaf, with a lovely crumb and crust. Health and healing from the inside out.


Millennial drink full of probiotics and healthy organic acids for our digestive system. Learn to prepare it easily at home.

Beautiful Image of glass cup filled with kefir and mixed with fruits and granola. Health and healing form inside out.


Learn how to prepare and use this old and healthy drink in various ways, from a simple yogurt to complex desserts and meals.