¿Feel Better Lab?

Why did I change my fermentation lab to a feel better lab? Well, health and healing do not only depend on a good diet. I have learned that to really heal there are three fundamental pillars, perhaps more, in this lab we learn new things every day. Woul you like to come along on this journey?


The first pillar of the healing process is to be aware of what is happening to us. Everything that happens to us is not just ramdom.

Healthy Food

Once we are aware, we must pay attention to our body and learn to give it only the good things it needs.


The third pillar is to connect with our essence and our environment, since we are not isolated entities and everything that surrounds us affects us.

Health and Healing

Sanando del interior

Healing from within

Why do we need fermented foods and probiotics to heal our gut microbiota and our health?

Pasos para sanar

My 10 steps to lower inflamation

Which are the 10 steps I took to reduce inflammation, reverse my symptoms and regain my health?

Caldo de huesos

Bone Broth

This is the bone broth recipe that I took daily for a year to heal my gut lining. years have passed and I still prepare it.


New recipe

have you tried my "Cola de Momo's" yet?

Christmas is quickly approaching with its flavors and aromas, try this vegan and gluten-free version of this traditional Chilean recipe.

Cola de momo 2

Our Workshops

Soon we will have our traditional workshops available on VOD so you can take them at your own pace.

Gluten free Sourdough

Learn the techniques to prepare the best gluten-free and vegan artisan sourdough bread at home.

Fotografía pan de masa madre sin gluten


Millennial drink full of probiotics and healthy organic acids for our digestive system. Learn to prepare it easily at home.

Kefir dessert


Learn how to prepare and use this old and healthy drink in various ways, from a simple yogurt to complex desserts and meals.

Latest Recipes - Get ready for Xmas

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Black Cake

Black Cake

Gluten free and vegan. Here is the recipe for this wonderful Xmas Cake made with cocoa, carob flour, nuts, almonds and rum raisins.

Cola de momos

Cola de Momos

My traditional recipe for the popular "Cola de mono", but in a gluten-free and vegan version made with Not Milk, rum, coffee, sugar and Christmas spices

Pan de pascua sin gluten vegano

Gluten free Xmas Cake

You have to prepare and taste this wonderful chilean "Pan de Pascua" (xmas cake) especially developed for us intolerant people. 😉